Most senior executives and leaders that I have met over the years are amazingly resilient and high energy individuals.  They typically lived a life of high achievement, hard work, and sacrifice, however they also have had to navigate the challenging emotional ups and downs of corporate leadership.  The politics, the tough decisions, and the sleepless nights all contribute to a life that is sometimes challenging to sustain both for the executive themselves and those that they love.

After years of coaching highly impactful senior executives up to C-suite, I am fully convinced that those who are willing to do the hard work of deep self-reflection and vertical mindset development* can reach new heights in both their careers and in their own personal lives.   

Research shows that individuals and leaders that have high levels of awareness and continue working towards self-actualization have greater impact.  And how does coaching and vertical development work help?  It challenges our current mindsets that may keep us stuck.  It opens ourselves up to new ideas and possibilities about our own growth and the development of others.  This growth mindset requires deep work on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level; tapping into true power that was always there and waiting to be unleashed.

Are you ready to be one of them?

If this approach peaks your interest, please reach out.

Approaches to Executive Coaching Programs

Immunity to Change

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Following the adult development research of Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, we will explore together effective ways to sustainably transform yourself into the leader you were meant to be.

Polarity Management

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We live in a world of polarities.  Understanding how we think and what unconscious biases may shape our perspectives can help us to be comfortable navigating the extremes of both life and work.

Think, Act, Feel Cycle

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Every decision or behavior starts with a thought.  Many times this may even be subconscious.  Unpacking our patterns or thoughts and emotions that we have been programmed from a very early age is the first step to any type of behavior change.  Using cognitive behavioral tools with a coach will help sustainably transform those habits and beliefs that may be getting in our own way.

Credentials and Experience

"Lauren has been my coach for almost a year now. During this period our startup has doubled in headcount and customers, so I have to navigate a lot of growth and challenges. Lauren has been a great partner to me and she has helped me navigate all of these different changes. This includes my personal development, interactions with the board and relationships with the executive team. Lauren helps me ask the right questions and think through the various situations from different perspectives. I can highly recommend Lauren as a coach for any other startup founder."

CEO - Tech Startup - Silicon Valley, USA 

“Today’s coaching session with Lauren was amazing.  It has helped me to gain focus again on the things that I can influence. Talking with Lauren helps me to gain clarity in some challenging areas and am now creating a new base to jump off for the next sessions!”

CFO - Fortune 500 Pharma - Basel, Switzerland

"Lauren is a proven leader with sound and extensive leadership experience; her credentials speak for it. What these credentials do not disclose however, is the fact that she is one of those few leaders who at the same time also possesses a down-to-earth simplicity, a next-door-girl humility and a polite yet very deep level of kindness towards others. Lauren has a personality with courage of conviction and strength of determination, working very hard towards achieving desired positive outcomes for her clients. She has got everything it takes to be a great coach and trainer, which she already is. So, anyone who is seeking help from a professionally trained and experienced leader, trainer and coach, definitely Lauren would be a highly reliable and strongly recommended choice."

Engineering Manager - Multinational Chemical Company